Rich Cooper is an author who wrote Unplugged Alpha

26 Nov: Transform Your Life: The Unplugged Alpha’s 20 Step Guide to Mastering Masculinity

Explore the pivotal insights from Rich Cooper’s “The Unplugged Alpha” in our latest article. We delve deep into the essence of modern masculinity and the crucial ’20 Red Flags’ outlined by Cooper, providing a comprehensive guide for anyone on the path to embracing their inner Alpha. This thought-provoking piece is a must-read for those seeking to navigate the realms of relationships, self-improvement, and societal norms from a powerful, masculine perspective.

Signs she likes you

13 Nov: Signs She Likes You But Trying To Hide It

Looking to crack the code of her attraction? Dive into our insightful article and get equipped to read the subtle signs. From deciphering her body language to understanding the implications behind her teasing, learn to navigate the modern dating world with confidence. Whether it’s picking up on her nervous energy or her bold initiative to connect, this guide is tailored for the modern man ready to understand the nuanced signals of a woman’s interest. Don’t miss the chance to learn what those lingering glances and playful nudges truly mean.

Strategy to make women love you

11 Nov: Strategy for Creating Desire in Women

Dive into the art of creating a palpable buzz of attraction with our comprehensive guide on sexual tension. Discover how a blend of psychological insight and strategic communication can transform your approach to dating. Learn the secrets to establishing sexual relevance, the thrill of uncertainty, the power of validation, and the importance of investment in your interactions with women. This article is the ultimate blueprint for men aiming to master the subtle, logical art of igniting desire and fostering deep, lasting connections.

Out of reach, close to heart

07 Nov: Why She Wants the Man Who’s Out of Reach

The counterintuitive secret to success in relationships: less can be more when it comes to emotional investment. In this guide for men, learn how to leverage natural attraction principles, commanding respect without demanding attention. Dive into the psyche of what truly sparks interest in women, and transform your dating strategy to ensure you’re seen as the high-value man you are. Perfect for any man looking to up their dating game and become irresistible by understanding the delicate dance between interest and indifference.


07 Nov: 10 Dating Tips for Men to Win Hearts

Are you ready to revamp your dating strategy and become the man every woman wants to see again? Dive into our article for a no-nonsense guide to the top 10 dating mistakes men unwittingly make and how to avoid them. From nailing the first kiss to choosing the right venue, we cover it all with a dash of humor and a load of expertise. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your game or just starting out, these insights will help you score more second dates and leave a lasting impression. Say goodbye to the rookie mistakes and hello to your red-pill journey into dating mastery.

Why Arguing with Women Is Your Secret Weapon

06 Nov: Why Arguing with Women Is Your Secret Weapon

Discover why the art of argument is a critical tool in a man’s romantic arsenal and how steering conflict can amplify desire and respect. Uncover the secrets to masculine behavioral techniques that keep her intrigued and invested. Whether you’re navigating the early stages of dating or steering a long-term partnership, these insights will transform your approach and keep the sparks flying.

The Art of Not Getting Played by Women

05 Nov: How To Avoid Getting Played by Women​

Dive into the unspoken strategies of relationship dynamics where being a high-value man isn’t just a status, it’s a daily practice. Learn how to spot manipulation tactics and fortify your position in the dating game. This article is a no-holds-barred guide to asserting your value, understanding the psychological warfare of love, and maintaining your power with women. It’s essential reading for every man ready to hold his ground and build genuine connections with confidence and authority. Transform your approach to relationships with the wisdom of an alpha who knows the game inside out.

Two women joyfully taking selfies, symbolizing themes of modern social dynamics, and views of promiscuity.

28 Oct: Why Men and Women’s Views Differ on Past Promiscuity​

Unravel the enigma behind why some men are unnerved by a woman’s promiscuous past, while women don’t hold the same view regarding men. Explore the gender disparities in relationship dynamics, societal perceptions, and the factors influencing partner selection. Discover the impact of past promiscuity on future prospects in marriage and parenthood. Join us on a journey to decode the complexities of love, judgment, and past experiences in the world of modern relationships.