Professional video production is here to solve specific problems such as sales, recognition, branding, human resources, etc. Video has an incredible power and potential for telling a story. It presents your brand using emotions, relationship and trust. Video is by far the most powerful tool when it comes to recognition and attention of your customers.

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We make videos

We supercharge businesses by creating specific video content that connects and talk to your perfect customers. We research your audience and create a video that talks their language and use style that resonates with them. In simpler terms we make banger videos that will make you a rock star! And if this sounds good, we invite you to continue scrolling and take a look at our video production bellow.

Corporate Video Content

This type of video introduces your business in an interesting and instructive way. The video Content Shockwave is great way for gaining attention & visibility, or deliver a message.

Izobraževalni video standardizira znanje katerega prenašate na gledalca in tako zagotovite pravilno izobraževanje.

Educational video

Standardize knowledge you transfer to the viewer and ensure proper work education. It’s the best way to teach your clients or employees and maximize engagement.

Z zaposlitvenim videom si lahko olajšate ta proces in pridobite specifičen kader, katerega želite privabiti.

Recruitment video

Having problems finding the best people for a job post at your company? Recruitment video serves to promote your work culture, while also conveying company values and beliefs.

Crowdfunding video

Do you have a great product and want to get funding for it? Crowdfunding video is made specifically to show the benefits of your product and gain the trust of investors.

Commercial video

A video ad presents a product or service directly to your end customer. This marketing video quickly attracts attention and makes the sales process easier and more efficient.

Snemamo lahko kjerkoli in kadarkoli in tako naredimo zares izjemne video posnetke iz zraka.

Drone video

Drone perspective adds a unique feeling to a video since it opens a view we normally can’t see. If you want your videos to look cinematic and incredible, drone footage is the way to go.

Social media video

Branding video is used on social media to strengthen your brand with interesting video content. These videos aim to connect with potential customers through cool content.

Time lapse video gradnje zajame daljše časovno obdobje gradnje objekta, od začetka do konca. Ti videi so odlično marketinško orodje, katerega lahko podjetja pokažejo poslovnim partnerjem ali strankam.

Construction time lapse

It covers a longer period of construction time from start to finish. This type of video is a great way to show business partners or clients the success a company enjoys.



This Is Where The Video Production Magic Happens

We love what we do, but we’re super excited to show you how we helped our clients reach their potential with great videos. And we love helping companies achieve more with videos, that truly capture their essence and lets them connect with their audience. And the best part of the video? It makes people remember you, leaving a lasting legacy behind.

Making our clients happy with videos

Why choose us

A Team Of Passionate Individuals

We really enjoy what we do and that shows. But what makes us special is that we actually care about the clients we work with and we use our passion to make sure our clients video really reflects who they are.

Video Production That Cares

To be able to understand what you’re about and transmit that to your clients, we do a deep dive into what makes you tick as a company, what your beliefs are, and how you help your buyers with their problems.

We Speak Your Language

Companies usually know their product but they don’t know how to speak to their customers in a language they understand. That is why we specialize in making videos that your viewers understand and connect to.

Creating An Impact With Video

Most of the time companies take the safe bet with videos that don’t impress. We create banger videos that create an impact and are talked about, while focusing on the positive aspects of your company.


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What is video production?

Video production creates specific videos as solutions for your problems. These videos are made for achieving results and present you in the best possible way.

What kind of a video do I need?

That depends on what exactly do you want to achieve. We talk to you in detail about what would be best to video for you to get the most out of a video.

Do I need a video?

Video will be more and more popular as a way to communicate with customers for companies. If you want to be a successful company, video is the way to go.

Which videos do you make and for who?

Our video production is focused on helping businesses get the best possible results through making story driven commercials, corporate videos, events, promos, drone aerial video, time lapse of constructions, crowdfunding videos and more.

How does video project works?

We first talk to you in a meeting where we get to know each other, we then draw your enthusiasm about your company to fuel our creativity and script, before the magic happens with production and finally with results.