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15 Reasons Why You Can Make It Big With Video

5 minute read

15 Reasons Why You Can Make It Big With Video

So, you are ready to start using video marketing? The only question is, why so late?

There are every day stories about people earning high amounts of money just by creating videos on Youtube, Instagram and other platforms, so it would make sense for companies to use it as well. Are you worried that it might not be for you? Worry not, for we have you covered. In this article. Which isn’t, ironically, a video.

But how to stand out from the many videos that exist on the internet? We will get to that soon.

Kick ass and take names.

Before we dive deeper into why video kicks ass and takes names (literally, through newsletters which helps build email funnels), lets take a look into the statistics of video usage. Video helps improve conversion rate by 80% when used on your landing page. More than 90% consumers also believe that presentation or demonstration videos that are easy to understand and are helpful, increases their willingless to buy your product or service. Overall visit time increases by 2.7 times on a page with a video.

Consider the following video marketing statistics:

  • 45% of people watch more than 1 hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.
  • 25-34 year olds watch the most videos online
  • Men spend 40% more time watching videos than women

SEO also benefits from videos as visitors will spend more time on your page. That also increases ranking on search engines such as Google, meaning your page will show higher when people search for a specific keyword. What you shouldn’t do however is post a random video and get benefits, as there will be none. There are correct tactics and rules in order to gain the most out of a video.

Why is video marketing growing so fast?

With video marketing, you are able to bring in more traffic which you otherwise would not get. Take this for an example: you are selling bath tubes, which is a fairly boring product in itself as marketing goes. But if you were to create an unortodox marketing with that tub being used in the most unlikely of places, you are bound to recieve visitors wondering what your tubs are all about. Content marketing used on internet is the best bang for the buck you can get as opposed to TV commercials and billboards.

Video watching trend suggests that it will continue to grow at a rapid pace and ultimately dominate digital or online marketing. But there are some drawbacks to it. For one, just making a video for the sake of having a video, won’t help you one bit. The goal is to make videos that gets views and brings visitors to you with the goal of buying your products.

But before you can get your visitor, you must ask yourself who is your video for?

You should answer these important questions before making a video:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • What does this audience want to see?
  • What kind of video content have they interacted with in the past?
  • Which channels will you use to post your video content?

To get the best of video marketing, you need to know about what your customers want and focus on your strategies to get results. To help get things started, here are 15 reasons why video marketing is so powerful (and what you are missing out on):

1. Videos Have Great ROI

Every video that conveys your message to your buyer in a clear way will enable your video to have a good ROI. A professionally made video that is story driven will not only make for a great ROI, it will help drive your sales through the roof. Don’t believe us? Ask that dude from Dollar Shave Club, that struck a perfect chord with his buyers and then sold his company for 1 billion dollars. So all in all, we’d say it was an awesome ROI.

2. Videos increase sales

Videos improve sales directly. Sellers who use videos to explain details of the product or services are getting better sales than those who are simply relying on content for their marketing.

It is so because out of all the senses, visually seeing something in 30 frames per second (sometimes 24 fps) is the one that brings best results. Buyers love looking at what they would like to buy and videos are sometimes even more convincing than your best salesman at doing that. So to recap, videos increase conversion rates by a lot.

3. Gain Trust With Videos

Without trust the buyer will not make the deal. This is the main principle of any sale. It is the foundation for any deal. And it is also a prerequisite for a long-term relationship between buyers and sellers. But when you are on an online platform, you are not able to visualize your buyer and the buyer cannot see you.

However with videos now you can make yourself appear in front of them, at any time and any place. By seeing a face that they can connect to your company, they are much more happy to do business with you. Video also help you reach many more people than you could by trying to sell to every person individually.

4. Google loves videos

Google loves sites where visitors spend a good amount of time. Their SEO algorithms love it. And your visitors love watching good videos. This is starting to sound like a win win situation for everyone, which funny enough actually is. Once you have good and informational video content for your visitors, it will also increase getting right search result ranking.

This is why video marketing is absolutely necessary if you want to be successful. Optimizing SEO for your videos will help you greatly in search for your perfect buyer. Appearing in the right search results is at the end of the day very essential.

5. Mobile users love watching videos

Especially before sleep. Mobile phones are having a larger share in internet usage every day and are already ahead of PC’s. Mobile phones are highly popular and so many more searches come from that source. We use mobile phones in our everyday life and when we have spare time we can go look at things that interest us. Even Netflix adjusted and offers their video streaming service to mobile phones as well.

The best thing about videos on a phone is, that it can be seen from everywhere, when commuting to work, when having a break, it is practically everywhere and every time. Their accessibility makes videos even more useful when used for marketing purposes.

6. Videos explain it better

Videos just explain everything better. There is a script, things can be repeated until it is perfect and can be shorten to just the right amount of time to keep people engaged in what you want them to see. This is also the reason most of the product or service companies launch seminars and workshop videos. You can tell the audience in details about the features and details of what you are offering and it takes much less time than with written words.

Audience can understands the content in much less time than by reading a wall of text. The same with terms and conditions, nobody wants to read it. But they will remember much more details when they see an explainer video.

7. They take less time

This is highly important. No one seems to have time in this hyper velocity world and your job with a video is to make it fast, engaging and having enough information that answers their potential questions. In comparison to written blogs and articles, they take less time and have a better approach.

It is a known fact that our brain is lazy, and we can all relate to that information. Being lazy is fun after all! So, anything that is presented in simple terms and is easy to understand will always be good. Videos do that job perfectly. Explaining and describing with videos attract more audience when compared with blogs.

Such videos add a lot of impact on the performance of the products and services.

8. They reach even the lazy buyers

Most of the things that sell also need to create a demand for itself. Didn’t get my point? Let’s analyze. The products and services that launch in the market or already there in some form or shape. That being said, your product does not create the urgency from the buyer to invest money in you.

Unless of course if you create that urgency through the use of clever storytelling. Everyone likes to buy but no one likes to be sold, so what you goal needs to be is to create such a compelling story about your product or service, combined with the quality that comes with it, that people will feel obliged to invest in you.

And that even means the procrastinators who are delaying the purchase. Without a strong emotional reason to buy, they won’t. But if they were to see a cool video… They’ll be dropping that money like it’s hot.

9. Encourage sharing through social media

With social media, your range of audience is pretty much unlimited, as long as you are willing to invest into ads. Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram, Snapchat are all highly visited platforms on which you can advertise your video and if you make a really good video, it might start sharing by itself.

You can always politely ask your audience to share and like your video if they find the content valuable.

Be sure to put enough planning into social media videos so you get the most out of it. Poorly thought out videos might do you more harm than good.

10. Email campaigns have better results with videos in them

The subject line with “video” has a much better opening rate, according to several researches. People want to see what is in there for them. By using people’s curiosity, you must also ensure they will be happy with the contents inside. Never be too pushy in your sales process!

11. Story telling will always be king

What makes a video truly successful? A video with a very good story. Once you get people to laugh, cry, smile, wonder and think about your message, you will see amazing success. And such a video will do wonders to your sales process, branding and connect to your customers.

Everybody love to see a great story with which they can connect to. Another good thing about using story telling is that your sales pitch doesn’t even have to be there. All you need is a call to action at the end of the video to make people want to see what you have to offer.

12. Videos are easy to create

If you want to make your own videos, you’re in luck. For all practical purposes, you can make simple videos own yourself by yourself using your mobile phone. If you use a phone gimbal, you can make even better videos. If you are at the start of your business path you can reduce the cost of marketing greatly by making videos by yourself. There are free video editing tools that can help you edit and export videos such as DaVinci Resolve.

Having a plain background is enough for you to start filming yourself, especially if you are on a tight budget. And remember, what matters is your message and likeability to people watching.

13. Majority of people prefer watching over reading

This is quite obvious. We all like watching as it is easy to do so and also because our brains are wired to prefer watching a moving image. Not only is it faster, it is also more fun for majority of people.

Watching is easy, simple, and saves a lot of time. All those points should be a great selling point in itself!

14. You can connect to your audience with videos

They get a face to recognize as they now get more connected and familiar with the brand. Once a company has a face that represents them, they form relationship with people watching, making it less corporate in their eye. The company which post videos speaks about its work culture, mission and vision and of course has a dialogue which has a human face.

People love having a face to see and if possible to connect to that person. Your mission as a company has to be, to appear less corporate and more people friendly. That makes people much more interested in spending money buying your products or services.

15. Brand awareness

If you were to asked to say the first thing that comes to mind when you read »energy drink«, which company did you thought of? Redbull maybe? Monster? Same goes for practically any thing. Brand awareness is a powerful thing that greatly influences people when they decide to buy something. If you made a relationship with them through creative marketing and videos, they will see your company logo and name on products or services when they buy and instinctively pick you.

Your audience loves seeing your company when they buy. This is also the reason why even highly successful companies still invest heavily into brand awareness and marketing in general.

Your logo, brand image, taglines are instantly remembered when they see it in a video. That is also a very big reason, why many companies decide to use video marketing to ensure predictable and constant revenue.

Making your brand reach great success using video

Embrace the power of video marketing and let us help you!

Video marketing is an exciting marketing strategy that companies use to ensure profits. Spartaq Video Production is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the world of video content and we are committed to helping our customers build their brand through video marketing.

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