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5G and Coronavirus – Advancement or conspiracy

On one hand the 5G is described as destroyer of world, killer of pigeons and cancerous signal emitter. On the other hand, it’s described as technology that will usher in the next industrial revolution and global growth. Who should we believe?

There’s a raging debate about 5G on Facebook and other social media channels lately, which is often civilized and peaceful. Well not really, it’s everything but that. Some people even took it so far, that they attack technicians and burn 5G antennas in the UK. And if you haven’t yet seen any of the posts about the connection between 5G and Coronavirus, well then you’re not on social media very much. Which we applaud.


We decided to do our own research what 5G really is, how it works, does it really influence our health with invisible laser radiation, does it have a secret connection to Coronavirus. Some claim 5G is the work of the devil himself. What we did find out might surprise you, because nothing is as it seems.


Well for starters it’s not 5 gangsters or 5 grand (5000$). 5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication between devices. We all know 4G that allows data transmission of 150 megabits per second (in ideal conditions, but never when we truly need good internet), but in practice it goes to about 50 megabits per seconds. The speed of 5G networks dwarfs 4G numbers and will (at least in theory, best conditions and all) reach up to 10 gigabits per second, which is quite good. If you’re not in the world of bits and gigabits let us break it down for you: gigabit per second means a transmission of 125 megabytes of data per second. Meaning if you’re downloading a movie with a size of 1 GB with the speed of gigabit per second, it would take you 8 seconds to get the entire movie. 4G would take longer at 4 minutes for the same movie.

Fifth generation of wireless connection began in 2019. Today almost every telecommunications provider is upgrading it’s current systems with new 5G ones. The 5G frequency spectrum is divided into medium and low wavelengths. Low wavelengths are used in a frequency range similar to that of 4G. Frequency waves on 5G are faster and operate at frequencies between 24GHz and 72 GHz. As the range is smaller, more antennas are required. And before you start thinking about it, the human body does not operate at frequencies. You are not a radio after all.

What is electromagnetic wave and what is the connection to 5G?

In physics, electromagnetic waves refer to waves of an electromagnetic field that propagate through space-time. These include radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X rays and gamma rays. Electromagnetic waves are part of our universe and form one of the four fundamental forces in the universe. Because this is a synchronous oscillation of the electric and magnetic fields, it propagates through the vacuum at the speed of light (300,000 km/h). Here we come to a frequency that is essentially electromagnetic waves. Does this mean that when you say someone has great energy, they emit a positive radio frequency? On what channel can we tune in to listen to them?

In quantum theory of electromagnetism, electromagnetic waves are composed of photons, that is, the fundamental particles responsible for all electromagnetic interactions. Quantum effects are an additional source of EMR, such as the transition of electrons to lower energy levels in atomic and black body radiation. The photon energy is quantized and the higher the frequency, the higher the energy. This relation is described by the Planck-Einstein relation E = hv E = hν, where E is the photon energy, ν is its frequency, and h is the Planck constant. For example, a single photon of gamma ray can carry 100,000 times more energy than one photon of visible light.

Okaaaaay… So what’s the connection to 5G?

GSM network operated at 850 MHz and 1900MHz. The 2G and 3G networks changed the modulation while using the same spectrum with a reorganized frequency band. At 3G they added another 2100 MHz. 4G LTE technology provided additional spectrum and 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 1.7 / 2.1 GHz, 2.3 GHz, and 2.5 GHz bands.

The 5G generation will operate at frequencies lower than 6GHz to 24GHz. Because bandwidth is much larger in this band, it means very fast internet and shorter access times. Due to the high frequency however, the fifth generation also has some drawbacks. Because the millimeter waves have a small reach there should be no obstruction between the receiving and transmitting devices.


Opponents of 5G tech argue that a higher frequency means more danger to humans and animals. Fortunately the laws of physics behave in a set way and are immune to people’s opinions which is great for science. If physics were to operate on a “I believe it” principle, we would have weaponized bats equipped with Coronavirus being remotely activated through an SMS. Radio waves on the electromagnetic spectrum all the way to infrared light are non-ionized waves. This means that they do not have enough energy to eject an electron from the orbit of an atom, ionize the molecule, and subsequently break DNA. However, they have enough energy to move the atom and force it to oscillate.

To simplify: millimeter waves are no different than current and past technologies and waves emitted by 3G and 4G mobile phone generation.

Many people use it at home, at work or outside while on a coffee to read things and catch up on stuff. We’re talking about Wi-Fi. And while you’re drinking coffee, connected to your WiFi, you might be reading about the harmful effects 5G frequencies are having by killing pigeons. Wireless transmission however, runs surprisingly at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The difference between these two frequencies is coverage and speed. 2.4GHZ allows for greater reach and slower data flow. 5GHz has less coverage and more data transfer. See the link?

We can also help you get a better idea of ​​this frequency mumbo jumbo: If a FM radio station is operating at 100MHz, it means that it receives or broadcasts 3m radio waves. Wi-Fi and microwave work at 2.4GHz, which means a wavelength of 12.5 cm. 5G as mentioned, uses frequencies of 5GHz, which means wavelengths of 6 cm, 24GHz (1.2 cm) and 60 GHz (5mm).

If we tell you that your WiFi is more harmful to you than 5G what would you do? Leave our website in anger “THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO CLUE WAKE UP SHEEPLE”? Or will you continue reading and see the scientific reasoning what 5G is and what it does?


This might be a bit disappointing, but 5G is just an iteration of all the mobile technologies that are built upon the previous one.

  • 1980 1G analogue sound
  • 1990 2G digital sound
  • 2000 3G mobile data
  • 2010 4G large mobile data transfer
  • 2020 5G revolutionary data transfer


If you are (un)fortunate enough to be on social networks, then you have already seen various theories talking about it. We too had some doubts about where this is all going, how it will affect our health and what the coming technology means to all of us. Because we are proactively aware, we have replaced skepticism and ignorance with a detailed research of scientific articles, instead of just sharing some semi-literate lies. We have already introduced some of the principles behind 5G technology and now we are going into all the claims about how dangerous it is and whether it is really dangerous at all.

5G is dangerous because it gives you cancer

There is no (NONE) scientific evidence to suggest that frequencies between 60-100 GHz could in any way affect our DNA and cause cancer. Gamma or X rays that have a wavelength in the range of 0.01 to 10 nanometers are naturally carcinogenic frequencies and we all know that. Well at least everyone should know that. Therefore we refer to them as rays and low non-ionized radiation as frequencies. Since we do not yet know the long-term effects of using electronic devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, wiring, etc. as their use is relatively short, we are confident that research in this direction will continue. As we know (of course we know, we all love science) the sun has a certain spectrum of radiation, including one that causes cancer. And you get that cancer by sunbathing, but it’s not stopping anyone is it. Therefore, low frequencies should not worry us too much.

5G is meant for mind control and spying

If we look at the history of espionage then we see that governments have been doing this way before phones existed. Spying is just the nature of every government, anywhere in the world. If you talk to someone about getting rid of a mole in the garden, no one will spy you. Unless you are a serial killer and the word mole is a code for someone you are going to end, then the story is different. The location of your mobile phone, however, could be determined long before the introduction of 5G technology. In fact, this argument is utterly ridiculous, mainly because people buy Alexa, Siri, and the like, which actually record and spies on every little thing that is going on in your apartment. And they even pay good money to be spied upon. So a round of applause for people who have such devices at home and talk about 5G being used for spying.

Any kind of radiation forces molecules into motion. Our home Wi-Fi radiates at 100mW, as is required by law. Microwave oven works at 1000W. So even the 5G base stations will heat the atmosphere with radiation, but in such small quantities that we will not notice changes in temperature.


To the best of our knowledge, measurements were also made in Slovenia at BTC Ljubljana. The measuring device revealed some interesting measurements covering the entire electromagnetic spectrum. They measured 5G, 4g LTE, 3G, UMTS, 2G, GSM, T-DAB, FM, Wi-Fi and DVB-T. The findings are interesting and it will be surprising to many that the old 2G (GSM) network radiates far more than the currently active 4G. We ourselves believe that research and measurements are needed because no one wants bad health because of technology. But the fact is that scientific approach IS needed before we make fools out of ourselves by having ridiculous comments on social networks.

The measurements they made show another interesting point actually. In fact PM10 and PM2.5 emission particles are higher than allowed or recommended in winter every year. Which means that we would have to be more ecologically committed to a clean environment and clean energy, than just worry about 5G. We have no doubts however that we will be criticized about bringing this up too because right now the sunspots are warming the atmosphere and we humans are not to blame about global warming and climate change, which is the biggest lie there is (though Coronavirus is the lie of the century) and we should rather watch some videos on Youtube that will “wake us up”. Because we have no idea what we are talking about.

Ain’t no one telling me I can’t turn my truck into a steaming locomotive of polluting doom, partner.


Via SMS. The case of course, is pure conspiracy theory with no scientific basis. Maybe something like this is possible in a SciFi movie, in reality it certainly isn’t. Statements that 5G and Covid-19 are linked began to circulate on social networks when New Agers, right-wingers and also QAnon conspiracy theorists began promoting Covid-19 with 5G technology. Of course, to most people the idea seemed logical that a bat is flying around, trying to be eaten by a Chinese and then the virus would be activated by a telephone signal or sms. Completely logical idea.

Some even go so far as to claim that 5G weakens the immune system. Because if you’re stretching the limits of fiction, why not go all the way? Of course 5G is here to finally get us the X-Men in real life, hence the need for 5G to create an universal mutation of the world. People associate large cities and Covid 19 virus outbreak with 5G antennas, but they do not use logic. Virus outbreaks have the most favorable conditions in large and dense populations. And of course 5G antennas will not be mounted in the mountains but in densely populated areas. This makes complete economical sense. It should also be noted that Iran, which has also suffered from a severe nCov Coronavirus epidemic is indeed without 5G technology. If we are already talking about the Coronavirus, it would make more sense for China to ban the consumption of wild meat and to improve laws that enforce hygiene standards.

Claims that 5G radiation damages DNA cells is also unfounded and has no scientific basis (congratulations for reading this far btw). As we know, 5G signal compared to 4G is very weak and has difficulties penetrating through objects. A lot of videos have appeared on YouTube channels speaking about the dangers of 5G but they have no scientific weight and all they do is scare people and get views. Actually all they do have in common is the low IQ of the person making these videos.

Coronavirus has no connection to 5G. Really? Really.

So what can we draw from this article? The first point is that you will be able to watch NetFlix even faster and in better quality with 5G. The second point is that you will be able to watch funny cat clips on Facebook much more smoothly than you do now. But you can do both of these things at home while we wait for the Coronavirus pandemic to stop and hope we can keep as many people alive as possible.

So be smart, don’t believe every stupid post on social media and stay healthy.

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