Who are we and what we do

Our mission is to help companies achieve better financial results with video production!

If you want to know about is, we use the best tool possible to create amazing content for companies and that is video. It enables you to establish authority and personalize your message so you no longer have flat corporate communication. There is a greater chance to connect with your audience on an emotional level if you use video, compared to using different kinds of content.

We guide you through the entire process from start to end

Even if you don’t have any experience with video production, worry not. Working with us is a pleasant experience that enables you to focus on the important parts of your work, since we take care of everything.

O nas - Spartaq
O nas - Spartaq

We focus on relationship and understanding of your needs

Just as every company is unique, so too is every person unique. We understand you have your goals and ideas which is why we listen to you and create a solution, how we can solve your problems within professional video guidelines.

See the story of Spartaq video production

There is a unique story behind any company. This is ours.

We are the perfect business partners for you

We enable companies to grow exponentially through video

Spartaq video production strongly believes in video because as a medium it is by far the best way to communicate. We take a step further and include emotions and show your “why” in the video, which helps to impress your customers. With a good video you stop selling and instead start to call the customers to come to you on their own as we build a friendly and trustworthy relationship.

  • We help increase your recognition, reputation and sales

  • We deep dive into what our clients do to make them shine in video

  • Working with us is a lovely experience

A team of passionate people

We work logically and think emotionally for the best results

Video Production that cares

Our motto is “your success is our success” as we make maximum effort

We speak the language of your customers

And help find the perfect clients, that want to buy from you

Video that creates an effect

Stand out from the crowd and overtake your competition

Kaj o nas pravijo poslovni partnerji

Mnenja klientov so nas izjemno pomembna

Luka mnenje

I haven’t had a better experience when it comes to video production. You don’t feel like a number here. I got the feeling that they really wanted to tell my story and I got that too. They just really care. To me personally, very important!

Luka Turk

Movement instructor

Zoran mnenje

Amazing production! With the video, they convey the message to people in exactly the way the client wants to convey it. It’s like entering the home of clients and addressing them in person!

Zoran Stevanović

Political party Resni.ca

The Spartaq team really mastered their job. So far we have recorded 3 videos with them and they have always done their job according to our expectations. Working with them gives you the feeling that they care, that they know what they are doing and that they are completely attuned to the client. We have already ordered the 4th video!

Gorazd Gornjec

CEO of Copia biro d.o.o.

Want to work with us?

Video production that listens to you

We are happy to listen to your goals and based on this we suggest a video project that would be the best solution for you. Spartaq video production is committed to excellence and above all to meeting your business goals. We focus on solving specific problems faced by companies, such as lack of recognition or underperforming sales.

Video as a tool is most effective if it is planned and has a specific goal. That is why we are also proud to really deep dive into every company, see where they have pain points, recognize their unique selling point and make a winning video that brings effect and thus profit.

Video is an investment, a necessity, prestige, a legacy, a way of communicating, all in one. In today’s technological age of high-speed internet, where anyone can access your content anywhere, anytime, video is something that businesses absolutely must have. That is why we are here for companies to have the best partner in the production of quality video content.

If you would like to work with us, we invite you to fill out the contact form and we will contact you shortly.

Marko Gavranović

I’ve always been committed to making a change in the world and video is the best way to achieve that. Video has a story, stimulates emotions with visualization and sound, conveys a message and above all makes an impression. So I help companies reach a new level in their business and show their human side. Every company has a unique story and my mission is to show this story to the world and help them connect with their perfect clients who share the same values ​​and dreams.

– Marko Gavranović, founder of Spartaq video production

Tailor made for business


This type of video presents your business in an interesting and instructive way. Content Shockwave video strategy is a great way to gain attention and visibility or to convey a message.

Izobraževalni video standardizira znanje katerega prenašate na gledalca in tako zagotovite pravilno izobraževanje.

Standardize the knowledge you pass on to the viewer and provide appropriate job training. This is the best way to educate your customers or employees and increase engagement.

Z zaposlitvenim videom si lahko olajšate ta proces in pridobite specifičen kader, katerega želite privabiti.

Having trouble finding the best people for the job opening at your company? Job video ad shows your work culture while also conveying the company’s values ​​and beliefs, helping you find the perfect applicants.


Do you have a great product and want to raise funds for it? Crowdfunding video enables successful funding for your campaign as it shows the benefits of your product and gains the trust of investors.


A video ad presents a product or service directly to your specific target customer. This marketing video quickly attracts attention and makes the selling process easier and more efficient, which boosts sales.


Branding video is used on social media to boost your brand recognition with interesting video content. These videos are designed to connect with potential customers through cool videos that talk their language.

Time lapse video gradnje zajame daljše časovno obdobje gradnje objekta, od začetka do konca. Ti videi so odlično marketinško orodje, katerega lahko podjetja pokažejo poslovnim partnerjem ali strankam.

It covers a longer period of construction from start to finish. This type of video is a great way to show business partners or customers the success, growth and development of a company throughout it’s history.

Snemamo lahko kjerkoli in kadarkoli in tako naredimo zares izjemne video posnetke iz zraka.

Shooting from a drone adds a truly unique feel to the video as it shows a view we don’t normally see. If you want your video to look cinematic and dazzling, drone footage is the way to go in achieving that.


Do you like any of our projects or do you just want to talk about your project idea? Contact us via our contact form, where you can tell us in more detail what your project is about and if we are a good fit, we will definitely contact you soon!

About us

Spartaq video production specializes in creating effective videos for businesses. When someone wants to work with us, we analyze their business, see what their message is, their belief system, and their unique sales proposition (USP). We then use all of this to make a video that attracts and captures their target audience in such a way that they stop just selling and instead start calling their customers to themselves, thus increasing sales and creating a great relationship with their customers.