We are specialized in time lapsing long-term construction of buildings (real estate, buildings, halls, etc.) by creating time lapse videos through photography.
Our service is supported by a high-quality video production that displays the results during and after the completion of the construction.

Our experts will make a video time lapse according to your specifications and desires. We take the time to understand your goals and ensure that you receive a video that will present your project perfectly and in a premium way.

Long-term construction with time lapse photography and video production will provide you with valuable visual content that is ideal for:

  • Marketing on your website and through your social media channels
  • Include your customers and stakeholders like never before
  • Presentation of your company
  • Training and education
  • Construction overview in real time

Our cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors and can operate on local grid or solar power. High-resolution images are uploaded in real time, so you can monitor and monitor the progress of the project. Simply sign in and view / download the latest images on demand.

Using time lapse for long-term construction is an excellent decision for residential and commercial buildings, the development of land and real estate.

We take care of all the details, which allows you to focus on the future.

Videos for your team will easily explain the progress to your investors or associates
Time lapse system allows 24-hour monitoring of your construction in real time.
Final video will show your construction from start to finish.

From fast constructions to complex construction buildings that lasts months or even years, we will ensure that we understand the details of your project and realize your vision by telling your story in a visually interesting way. We can use street lamps, cranes, adjacent buildings, camera bars, or other options for mounting the time lapse of the system to get a complete overview and perspective of your construction


  • Real time view of your construction 24/7
  • Access to secure online gallery
  • High resolution and quality time lapse video (6k, 8k)
  • 6k or 8k construction photographs that you can use as you wish
  • Fast time lapse system installation with minimal maintenance
  • Water and weather proof time lapse system
  • A reliable system sends photos over a 4G connection to our server and makes a backup both in the cloud service and in the local SSD
  • The system is connected to the electrical installation, or solar cells are installed
  • Final video can be made with music, interviews and company logo

View your construction anywhere, anytime

  • An online photo gallery of your construction is available on any device anywhere in the world.
  • You can easily browse and search photos from any point of the project.
  • Share links to specific images or upload photos for use in reports and presentations.
  • Browse by date and time, then zoom in on the high-resolution photos.

Timelapse video of your construction is important

Whether you are a construction company or you are building new business premises, residential buildings and other construction, timelapse video is of utmost importance to you. Timelapse video can be used to present your business, get new business opportunities or market your newly built building. For such a project, it is extremely important that it is made professionally as a poorly implemented timelapse video makes more damage than good. If you would like to show yourself as a modern company that is developing and building new spaces, timelapse construction is a great opportunity to show business partners, investors and even customers that you are the right choice for them.

You can see the difference between high-quality timelapse video below where we made a comparison between unregulated .jpg timelapse and tiff (processed raw) timelapse video. Jpg timelapse (left) shows how a badly made lack of knowledge of making and editing timelapse video would have look like as opposed to the correctly done timelapse video (right).


And that’s why time lapse video must be carefully made. It is imperative to select the right location, camera settings, photo interval and editing programs. Because we offer a high resolution time lapse video (6k and 8k), this allows us a great deal of post production freedom. At Spartaq Designs, we are proud of our expertise and the ability to create amazing time lapse construction videos and show the prestige and strength of your brand.