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Effective Video Marketing Strategy Can Save Your Business During Covid19

Video marketing strategy is an effective way of building customer relationships, promote brand, products or services. By making quality videos, you provide value to your target audience with interesting content.

Video marketing is a great way to gain traction in your target audience. Yours videos ideally promote brand, raise awareness, engage visitors and make that money by conversing visitors into customers.

Video must be well thought out before you go and make one. You should research your target audience, use analytical tools to see what your followers like and use that knowledge while making a script. You should always use all data available to you in order to properly identify what your customers want to see.

Why video marketing strategy works during Covid19

Why video marketing is so important during these hard Covid19 times, we compiled some statistics to to show you:

  • 92% of marketers claiming video as an important marketing strategy
  • 88% of marketers that claim video marketing provides them with positive ROI
  • 100 minutes per day: the amount of time people will spend watching video in 2021
  • 99% of marketers that will continue to use video in 2020
  • 41% of marketers are willing to explore video marketing in the B2B ecosystem
  • 57% of marketers that use Live video

Now that video marketing is put into perspective, let’s talk about which videos are great to get engagement from your potential customers.

Social media loves video

When we say social media, we mean YouTube, Facebook Live, Facebook Watch, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. These are all enormous places where you can build your brand and share your message with almost limitless amount of people. About 49% of people on social media have said they would share video content with their friends if they found it engaging or interesting. That is why videos must either be emotional and connect with your audience, or funny to get people to laugh, or provide educational information. The key is to provide enough value for people to watch and rewatch your videos. That is how you will get most out of it both in engagement level and on algorithms which will show your video to more people.

Users of smart phones enjoy watching video

And that is an understatement. They in fact love it. With more and more people connected with the world wide web using their mobile, it’s no wonder they watch a lot of videos. About 75% of world population watches a lot of video content on their mobile phones each day! What does that mean to you? That your company needs to be in front of these people when they open their phone and visit their favorite social media platform. So if you want to find your perfect buyer, you will (usually) find them on their phones.

Video gets more attention and engagement

While you might wonder why that is, it’s actually quite simple. Unlike a picture, video has both visual and audio stimulation, while also conveying information to the viewer. When a video builds on visuals and audio it helps the viewer remember what it was about or what product it advertised. The best kind of videos are the one where viewers can relate to what is happening, either directly or indirectly. That is why companies must use video for marketing because of it’s ability to capture attention. Videos that are great will receive lots of shares and views, meaning your brand recognition and ROI will quickly increase.

Video can build on emotions

As we wrote before, the videos with the most success are the ones where the audience can relate to what is happening in the video. By creating emotional connection with your target audience, you bring greater value to them than your competition does and by doing so, you also build trust. We say this because trust is one of the biggest sale generators out there. If someone trusts you, believes in your vision, then they will buy from you because they like you. The biggest goal of any video marketing strategy should be on creating emotional ties, this helping you influence your audience at an emotional level. That will make them remember you, and also make them want to buy from you. However, emotional based video marketing also requires you to stand for something, be it Covid, politics, sports, etc. related. And don’t be afraid of losing some of your clients, because doing that will help you attract loyal customers that believe in your company.

Video increases traffic

It is said that 82% of all organic internet traffic by 2021 will be video. That means Google and other search engines will want to see videos on websites in order to rank well on SERP. Another good point about having videos on your website is that visitors stay longer since they are watching videos, increasing session duration and decreasing bounce rate. And it is a really really good idea to keep both Google and visitors happy, since it will improve a websites search ranking, meaning more visitors.

Now that we talked about the why, let’s talk about the how

Some companies have worked on their digital presence and marketing, but many were without a goal, strategy or didn’t even started on that yet. The false sense of security of having a good influx of customers backfired for many companies, that are now struggling to find new customers. Companies that relied solely on the power of word to mouth have now noticed that isn’t a good strategy.

The influx of customers must always be from as many sources as possible, while digital marketing offers one of the best ways of being in front of people you want to sell to. To help you get back on your winning ways, we have described a few ways of how to incorporate video in your marketing strategy.

Have a clear goal

What usually prevents companies from using video or stop using video is the lack of a clear goal of what they are trying to accomplish. Without a clear end game goal in sight, there really can’t be a successful video strategy. What is it that you are trying to achieve? Is it more traffic? More engagement? Getting new followers and likes? Do you want to work on the branding and recognition of your company? Knowing exactly what you want to achieve with video is the first step in making it successful, because you can now target the right kind of people. By using digital marketing you can place yourself in front of your ideal audience but once you are there, you need to provide them with value if you wish to get sales in.

Your content must have value

The biggest error we see companies do is not providing value to their customers. Sure you could make videos about what you are doing in Covid times. But unless it is content about how you are creatively tackling hardship and overcoming it, we advise not to focus on Covid measures at your company too much. If you can make a humoristic spin on it, that’s OK but showing you’re doing the same measurements against Covid19 as everyone else just wont cut it.

Give your customers value when they watch your videos. They need to receive information, get emotional, feel happy or sad, smile at your video – all these things provide value. The point in selling your products is in making your customers excited to buy from you. And that is what will prevent you from being a commodity but instead a trusted partner of your customers.

Be yourself

You should first ask yourself what your brand personality is like. What is it that you represent? What are your values? Before you try and go viral with your video, these are the question you need to ask yourself. How are you making the lives of your customers better. What do you do differently, that makes you clients want to buy from you.


When you show something unique about you, then you have the best shot at going viral with your video or marketing in general. The best example for that would be the first video of Dollar Shave Club, which enabled them to generate enormous interest and sales.

Don’t be cheap with your video strategy

Even if you aren’t the biggest company, good marketing always pays out on the long run. What you should however never do is make low quality videos, because they will harm you and show you to the general public as unprofessional. Good marketing will get you sales. Great marketing will make you grow. Bad marketing will be wasted money.

The entire point in having video marketing is to show yourself as a trustworthy company that customers could buy from or work with, so your goal should be in creating quality and entertaining videos. If you lack budget to hire a video agency, then at least invest time and money into video courses so you will learn basics which can help you while you are getting started.

Final words

We did our best to describe what you need to get started with video marketing. It is imperative to solidify your presence on the market by having strong (video) marketing with which you attract your ideal customers. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to put the uniqueness of your company at the front, because customers do care about what you stand for.

Embrace the fact, that you can’t please everyone. That is why you should focus on the people who would love your company, and ignore the people who just dislike you or your marketing because it goes against their views. Your focus should always be on your loyal base of customers and listen to what they want and desire. If you do that, they will absolutely adore you.

Finding the right company

The most important part of success if forming the right partnership in business, that will help you advance your goals and reach. We at SPARTAQ video production can help you create engaging, informative and fun to watch videos, that will increase your sales and brand recognition.

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