Luka Turk – how to describe him. An extraordinary man of great wisdom with whom it is never boring, especially when he wades into the ice cold water. Always wiling to share his knowledge with others, help his fellow man and share goodness with the rest of the universe.

We filmed his presentation as a personal trainer by visiting several different locations in Slovenia and Italy. At points the weather was being a bit uncooperative while we were searching for the perfect opportunities to film. At times we also ran out of snow due to warm weather but the biggest challenge was bringing all the gear with us on these locations as we often had quite a hike to reach our destination. In post we focused on colour editing and bringing the footage of all the different cameras used together into a watchable video which we were all proud of!

Do you follow Luka as he conquers ice winter swimming? Take a look at how he did in Obertraun, Austria.