Project Description

Christmas concert of Slovenian Railway Band

Music for your ears

Concert of classical music with a modern video edit

Concert video

The Band of Slovenian Railways approached us with a problem that they had: due to coronavirus prevention measures they were unable to perform live and wanted to make a video of their concert.

This created a problem where to film such an event and as such, they had an amazing place just there for the taking. The Museum of Slovenian Railways. It is an incredible place full of history of Slovenian trains and it proved to be the perfect setting for a band that shares the same name.

Once we have a location, it’s time to talk video production

Client gave us instructions about their video: they want it to be reflective of them as a band and their style of play while also promoting the museum as a place of interest. One of their main desires was also for a drone shot to be included for which they hired a drone operator.

Once the basic brief was done, we set out to research what their previous videos looked like and how modern edit on such concerts look like. As the client preferred a cross dissolve effect between cuts, we made a compromise to use cross dissolve on slower parts of the concert and used hard cuts on faster parts, since it reflects the mood of the music better that way. We also focused on the singers more when they appear as it creates a bigger immersion into the concert by allowing the viewer to have a more intimate distance to the singers.

did you know

How we made this video

We shot the entire video 3 times in order to get the most out of the cameras we had. While there is a minor difference here and there, we could change the camera positions closer with each shot. We went on this route in order to capture as much detail as we could while also having a wide shot to use as the main point of view.

  • By doing this we tripled the amount of camera angles we had

  • We could focus on the unique details during the concert

  • It gave us more freedom (and work) in the editing room


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