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If you have an idea that you really believe in and would help change the world, would you take that chance and show it to the world?

That is exactly what Sparky aims to do, enable people who don’t have the ability to compost in their home due to lack of space or no composting programs. And here comes Sparky magic to help people do their green part!

Sparky aims to enable people who just can’t compost to do their part and help nature by either transforming their bio waste into compost and using it for plants, or returning it to nature.

Show a problem and a solution

Client wanted us to show what their product is all about and so we set about researching what people really need to see. And truth be told, finding a problem people have with waste isn’t as hard, but identifying what really bothers them is another story. People have dealing with waste and biological waste is usually even a bigger hassle when the biodegradable bag falls apart or when you want to compost and simply don’t have the place or the time to do it, since it naturally takes a long time for matter to decompose.

A solution to such a problem is then presented as a designer lovely Sparky composter, that helps eco friendly people compost their waste from the comfort of their homes. We wanted to focus on showing the simplicity of it and how people would be able to help nature using it. We ideally targeted people who prioritise saving the environment in the hopes that composting at home would in time become widespread.

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How we made this video

We made an extensive research about what people need and want to see. After that we focused on creating a script that highlights how Sparky can help the eco friendly people do their part without them having to go out of their way to participate in ecological bio waste disposal. After that we just had to get the flow of the story just right and keep people engaged watching it.

  • Focus was on eco friendly people that feel like making a difference

  • It is simple for people to do their part using Sparky and compost from home

  • People can identify with the overall message of saving the planet


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