Ever wanted to visit Ljubljana and had it on your destination top list for when you travel? This video presents Ljubljana through time lapse photography and hyper lapse photography techniques, which then through magical editing skills becomes a time lapse video.

Ljubljana city lapse video includes 6 months of work, 20.000 photos and a whole lot of energy drinks while editing and stitching this video. We hope this time lapse film will add to the recognition of Ljubljana as a lovely tourist location for people wondering whether to visit it. You can get information what to visit on Visit Ljubljana and Ljubljana tourism page.

Timelapse video is created by taking timed interval photos on a fixed location such as a tripod. Those pictures are then put into a program that turns them into a video by combining 30 or 24 pictures into a single frame (or a second of video). This is called Framer Per Second (FPS) and if you wanted to make a 10 second timelapse video you would need at least 300 pictures to be able to play it at 30 FPS. Timelapse is especially useful when we want to show a slow process in a fast way, such as clouds moving, building being constructed, and so on.

Hyperlapse on the other hand is a timelapse that is moving. Photographer needs to move the camera for each photo, which then gives it a surreal look where the camera movement is slow, but the object in frame move at incredible speed, such as people in this video. Making a quality hyperlapse takes a lot of patience, time and skill.

Do you want to make your own hyperlapse or timelapse and don’t know which time lapse camera to use? You can do it with an entry level camera, as long as you’re willing to spend a lot of time learning and practicing