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07 Nov: 10 Dating Tips for Men to Win Hearts

Are you ready to revamp your dating strategy and become the man every woman wants to see again? Dive into our article for a no-nonsense guide to the top 10 dating mistakes men unwittingly make and how to avoid them. From nailing the first kiss to choosing the right venue, we cover it all with a dash of humor and a load of expertise. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your game or just starting out, these insights will help you score more second dates and leave a lasting impression. Say goodbye to the rookie mistakes and hello to your red-pill journey into dating mastery.

Two women joyfully taking selfies, symbolizing themes of modern social dynamics, and views of promiscuity.

28 Oct: Why Men and Women’s Views Differ on Past Promiscuity​

Unravel the enigma behind why some men are unnerved by a woman’s promiscuous past, while women don’t hold the same view regarding men. Explore the gender disparities in relationship dynamics, societal perceptions, and the factors influencing partner selection. Discover the impact of past promiscuity on future prospects in marriage and parenthood. Join us on a journey to decode the complexities of love, judgment, and past experiences in the world of modern relationships.